Stylow (Anthony De Coninck) grew up in a very artistic environment in Belgium and is currently living in London, most of his family consists of singers, actors, dancers and entertainers. He naturally gravitated towards having a creative career himself.
Being so extremely fascinated by Film, Visual Effects & Motion graphics he pursued a career in that industry himself.
His Parents were always very supportive, after high school he decided to get to work and learn new crafts and skills along the way, working on a lot of different jobs and roles from directing and making music videos to vj visuals, commercials, print designs, ui design, title sequences,..
He later gained most of his recognition in 2015 for his 365 project that got featured by motionographer, and Tumblr.
His drive keeps on flowing by learning new techniques and craft in order to fulfill his creative visions and abilities, He believes that getting out your comfort zone and dabbling in other creative media will refine his signature.



  • Film motion graphics work / to be announced [2018] [Territory Studios]
  • Title sequence... [2018]
  • Short...[2019]